About the New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers' Association

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     The New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers' Association (NYSOTFA) exists for those who enjoy playing, dancing and just listening to old time fiddle music.  It's also for those who have an interest in helping to preserve old time fiddle music and its associated dances.  The NYSOTFA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

     Many opportunities are available for the general public, as well as members of all levels of expertise to play or participate in fiddling events.  

     Throughout the summer, beginning in May, the NYSOTFA host weekly Sunday afternoon free concerts in the Fiddlers' Pavilion at the North American Fiddlers' Hall of Fame and Museum in Osceola, NY (along with jam sessions on the grounds).  In addition to various smaller annual events held at the North American Fiddlers' Hall of Fame are The annual Fiddlers' Picnic and the popular Kids' Kamp program.  The annual Fiddlers' Picnic event provides the audience with world class fiddling performances from the guest artist, performances by regional fiddlers, NYSOTFA chapter performances, individual sign-up performances, workshops, jam sessions and lots of dancing.  The annual Kids' Kamp program is a very popular, family oriented weekend-long event designed specifically for kids.  This program introduces kids to fiddling so they can experience for themselves how much fun it really is.  In addition to a hands-on introduction to fiddling and fiddles, there are many crafts, games, dances and other fun activities.

​     The various chapters of the NYSOTFA meet monthly in their respective regions for their business meetings and jam sessions.  See the Chapters tab for more information.

     The NYSOTFA appreciates the many friends and visitors who come to listen to the wonderful music and perform at the facilities located at the North American Fiddlers' Hall of Fame in Osceola, NY.  New members are always welcome and appreciated.  If you have a deep appreciation for traditional old time fiddle music and would like to support the NYSOTFA, you might consider becoming a member yourself.  As a member of the NYSOTFA, you will receive monthly newsletters with the details of all of these events, plus news of the organization.  See the Members tab to become a member.








The Mission and Music of the New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers' Association

Simply put, the mission of the New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers' Association is to preserve, promote and perpetuate traditional New York State fiddle music. That music itself is a rich mix of traditional tunes, genres and fiddling styles passed down through generations of New York State performers, teachers, professionals and, especially, joyful amateurs of all levels of skill alike. 

It is a distinctly American blend of musical influences brought to our shores primarily from the European countries. These traditional tunes found their way into New York State from New England and the Canadian provinces where it was distilled into a distinctively New York style before traveling to other parts of the United States where it blended with and took on various regional influences such as Mountain, Western, Country, Bluegrass and Cajun.

The type of fiddle tunes commonly played in New York State include jigs, reels, schottisches, polkas, waltzes, square, round and two-step tunes and numerous variations of all these traditional forms. While we strive to preserve such music in its most original Northern and rural New York forms, we do, however, recognize and in certain ways accommodate the fact that this is a living, and thus always evolving, musical tradition which naturally adopts and adapts to new generations of players and styles. This beloved musical tradition is preserved and celebrated at the North American Fiddler's Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Osceola, New York.  Additionally, this wonderful music is played and promoted statewide through local chapter performances who strive to preserve, promote and perpetuate old time fiddling to help support the NYSOTFA and its mission.


Current NYSOTFA Officers:

Board of Directors:

  • Terry Bailey

  • Carole Kupelian

  • Dave Secor

  • Robin Guage

  • Aaron Raymer

  • Debbie Quick

  • Robert Wheeler

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