2020 NYSOTFA Monthly Chapter Meeting Minutes

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Black River Valley Fiddlers' Association

  • January: January minutes - The meeting was called to order at 2:00 by Pres. Caroline with 10 members present. The December minutes were read and accepted by Nancy and Tammy. Sharon reviewed her treasurers report which was accepted by Yolande and Alice. She also read a thank you card she received from the family of Helen Highers. Bill reports all okay with the sound equipment. Nancy noted she had sent a sympathy card to the family of Mary Farrell.  Pres. Caroline read an e-mail requesting this ASAP for the Feb. newsletter. The next issue will be in May. She noted that Sharon had done a good job helping with weather cancelations. She read a copy of the letter sent in regards to the HOF. The concert date for BRVFA at Osceola will be July 5. The meeting was closed by Yolande and Sharon at 2:20. Respectfully, Theresa Rocker, sec.

Central Chapter Fiddlers

  • January: Central Chapter Minutes for January 17, 2020 - Meeting opened at 7 pm with Prayer and Pledge by President David. Next meeting will beFebruary 21st. Secretary’s minutes for the November meeting were approved as read. Secretary’s report for November-December was approved as presented. It was noted that our donation of $200 to Williamstown for use of the building was much appreciated and was used by them for Christmas decorations for the town. Under Old Business it was reported that NYSOTFA board had voted to print the proposed changes in the Hall of Fame nominating process in the next newsletter with an opportunity for comments and/or questions to be directed to Carole Kupelian. New Business: (1) Annual membership dues are due. (2) Snow Deer fundraiser is scheduled for Feb 2 – discussed and passed to provide the money tree with a $100 bill, donations collected toward scratch-offs and baskets may be donated if desired. (3) Save the date of Friday, April 3, for our Fourth Annual Talent Show. Terry will be asking for help with set-up, clean-up, performing, and baked goods. Birthday wishes to Sara Quick and Tom Williams. Looking ahead, Chapter picnic at Loveland’s will be July 11. Leona mentioned players requested for Halfshire in Richland on Saturday, Jan 25 from noon to 2 pm. Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm. Terry Bailey, Secretary

  • February: Central Chapter Minutes for February 21, 2020 - Meeting was brought to order at 6:55 pm by President David Loveland with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Next meeting will be March 20. Secretary’s minutes for the January meeting were approved as read. It was noted that Snow Deer was very successful with a large attendance and over $700 raised. The event at Half Shire was also successful with a good group of players. Treasurer’s report was approved as read. Old Business: (1) Membership dues are due by March 1. (2) Next month we will have an election of officers. At David’s request, the secretary read the following: “To the membership of the Central Chapter: Effective March 20th will be my last day presiding as your president. I have given much thought to this decision, and it is time for me to pass it on to another. I have enjoyed leading you and working with you as you are a wonderful group. I look forward to working with my successor and will assist in any way I can. At this time we need to work together to select candidates for this position as it needs to be done and voted on on the 20th of March. Sincerely, David Loveland”. After some discussion we were pleased at Sarah Wilson’s offer to serve as President of our chapter. New Business: We received notice of the Camden St Patrick’s parade on March 21, and voted to support them with a $40 donation. Trinity Episcopal’s coffee house will be tomorrow evening at 7pm, featuring Off The Wall, with Larry Fox, John Burton, Charlie Ingersoll, and Dave Rybinski. Terry has printed posters available to advertise the Talent Show. Some performers have confirmed, still waiting on others. We need baked goods and helpers for the evening of April 3. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm. Terry Bailey, secretary

  • October: Central Chapter minutes - October 16, 2020. Meeting was brought to order at 7 pm by President, Sarah Wilson, with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Total attendance was 14. Thanks were expressed to David Loveland for his years of serving as chapter President. Secretary’s minutes for the August meeting were accepted as read, as was the Treasurer’s report. Old Business: EIN# has been received. We will need to file a 990N form on line by May 2021. The cost of the EIN was $247.00, Clara will reimburse Judy. Motion was made and passed to accept the EIN# and not apply for the 501c3 at this time. There was discussion about what address should be used for our chapter relating to the EIN#, motion made and passed that we use the NYSOTFA PO Box for this. New Business: Since NYSOTFA’s revenue was greatly impacted by the cancellation of the 2020 concert series, Judy suggested we make an effort to sell additional raffle tickets before the December drawing. Chad and Jessie are donating back their payments received for Chad’s recent concert. A suggestion was made for our chapter to make a donation, Dave moved and the motion was passed that we donate $500. Next meeting will be November 20th. Adjourned at 7:30 pm. Terry Bailey, Secretary

Mohawk Valley Fiddlers

  • January: Minutes Mohawk Valley Fiddlers 1-21-2020. Meeting commenced at 7 PM Burk Inn Johnstown NY. Welcome. Pens and Brochures offered as ways to invite others to meetings. Repertoire 2020 list, created by membership circulated for additions, hope to have packet assembled for next meeting. Fiddle events 2020 list given out. Encouraged members to consider workshops and festivals in 2020. Bronner book discussed. Attendees: Brad Luberto, Kris Berner, Bernadette Weaver, David Prew, Adam Gigandet, Jesse Gigandet, Tom Black, Ron Burch, Daryl Kosinski, Cal Courtney, Nancy Smith, Irena Garin, Olof Jansson, Susan Casler, Abigail Norton-Levering. Tunes Played: Little Beggar Man, Whiskey Before, Breakfast, Old Joe Clark, Westphalia Waltz, Gardeby Ganglot, Bily in the Lowground, Soldiers Joy, Spotted Pony, Swallowtail Jig to Morrison’s medley, Arran Boat Song, Little Liza Jane, Western County (Fly around my pretty little miss), Cherokee Shuffle, Lady Ann Montgomery, Ripsaw, Tobin’s Favorite, Blue Mountain Waltz, Westfork Gals, Haste to the Wedding, Feed her Candy, Tell her lies, Over the Waterfall, Maranacook, a beautiful original tune from Abbie Norton-Levering, Angeline the Baker, Jackie Tar, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Golden Slippers, Southwind, Mairi’s Wedding, Happy Trails. Lively discussion followed. One comment made to me was about how they enjoyed our gathering because people are allowed to make mistakes. Interesting. I have never been to a jam where I didn’t make a mistake. As players our goal should be growth, enjoyment and many other great things, but I for one know I will never be without mistakes. Folk on!!!! Next meeting: 2-18-2020

Oswego Valley Fiddlers

  • April: Oswego Valley Fiddlers business meeting, April 7, 2020. Meeting was called to order by President, Vickie Wheeler (Our meeting conducted using Zoom.) Ron Coleman gave the treasurer's report. No business transactions this year so far. Balance: $1633.71. Ron informed us that he will be sending out new membership forms for the year. He may send them by mail or email. New Business: Vickie reported that member, Ron Nadeau, contacted her. He will be discontinuing with OVF for this year due to a busy schedule. He will be missed. Cathy Claflin fell resulting in a sprained ankle and broken toe. A new secretary was needed as Steve and Debbie Baldwin will no longer be playing with the group due to travel distance and family activities. We will miss them. Debbie was the current secretary. It was decided that Judy Kishbaugh serve as secretary for the rest of the year. Vickie discussed our current situation concerning the Coronavirus in regards to practice, the concert at Osceola and other dates for this year. It was decided to keep practicing on our own and we will just have to wait and see what develops. John Wall moved that the meeting be closed. All agreed. We wished each other safety and good health. Respectfully submitted by, Judy Kishbaugh, Secretary.

  • June: OVF meeting, June 25, 2020. Vickie Wheeler called the meeting to order at 5:40 PM. Treasurer, ron Coleman submitted the treasurer's report. Balance &1724.71. There was no change from the previous month. Old Business: None. New Business: Buzz Barrington graciously offered his basement as a practice place for OVF whenever needed. It was decided that practice would continue to be held outside in the park at the Ontario Bible Conference until further notice. These will be weather dependent. Vickie and Judy will make a decision early in the week and notify members of the day for the jam and practice that week. Judy Kishbaugh mentioned the NYSOTFA playing at the Farmer's Market in Pulaski June 26 from 5-9. All players are welcome. Future online concerts were also discussed that would be occurring in July. These are announced on Facebook and people need to check out the NYSOTFA page for time and date. Vickie has not heard about the Porch Fest play date scheduled for Sackett's Harbor on August 9. It was mentioned that on August 2 there is to be a fiddle jam held at Osceola Hall of Fame. Further discussion followed concerning COVID 19 and the safety measures needed. The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM. Respectfully submitted by Judy Kishbaugh, Secretary.

  • August: Oswego Valley Fiddlers meeting, by Zoom, was called to order by president, Vickie Wheeler. Discussion was held concerning financial needs for NYSOTFA. The grant from the state is to be used for musical presentations and things concerning furthering old time fiddling but not for bills and up keep. Motion was made by John Wall that $500 be donated to NYSOTFA to be used to maintain the Hall of Fame, grounds, etc. Seconded by Judy Kishbaugh. Motion approved. Ron Coleman, Treasurer, stated the balance would be $1224.71 after the NYSOTFA donation. $33 above that is being held until the end of the season for donation to the Ontario Bible Camp for the privilege of practicing on the grounds. No new business. Meeting was adjourned, Respectfully submitted, Judy Kishbaugh, Secretary


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