2019 NYSOTFA Monthly Chapter Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Mohawk Valley Fiddlers

  • SEPTEMBER: Minutes, Mohawk Valley Fiddlers, 9/19/19. The meeting began on schedule at 7 PM at Glen Conservancy Hall. NYSOTFA materials distributed. Attendees:Daryl Kosinski, Susan Casler, Dick Solberg, Kris Berner, Ronald Burch, Olof Jansson, Tom and Judy Black,Dave Prew, Jim Sprung, Skip and Mary Ellen Wilcox, Byron Nielsen.Decisions made: (after introductions)Meetings will be the third Tuesday of the month, to avoid most holidays and other meeting conflicts.Summer months at Glen Conservancy, winter months Burke Tavern in Johnstown. Membership at Burkewill be applied for.Schedule going forward: meeting time 7 PM 10/15/19 Glen, 11/19/19 Glen (if pipes not drained), 12/17/19 Burke, 1/21/20 Burke, 2/18/20 Burke,3/17/20 Burke (St. Patrick’s Day could be subject to change), 4/21/20 Burke, 5/19/20 Burke, 6/16/20Glen, 7/21/20 Glen, 8/18/20 Glen, 9/15/20 Glen, 10/20/20 Glen, 11/17/20 Glen vs. Burke (weather dependent), 12/15/20 Burke.Members joined:Berner single, Black family, Burch family, Frank Casler single, Jansson single, Kosinski family, Prew single, Solberg single, Sprung single (already a state member), Susan Casler (already a state member).Tunes played:West Leyden Waltz, Liberty, Irish Washer Woman, Blue Mountain Waltz, Old Joe Clark, Southwind,Faded Love, Westphalia Waltz, Red Haired Boy, Ripsaw, Marching Through Georgia, Washday, St. Anne’s Reel, Turkey in the Straw, Yellow Rose of TX, Road to Boston, Bright Mohawk Valley. Closed with Goodnight Irene.Next meeting: will need to discuss officers and charter.

  • OCTOBER: Minutes MVF 10-16-2019. Second official Meeting. Attendees: Musicians: Linda Sheldon, Dick Solberg, Daryl Kosinski, Olof Jansson, Ron Burch, Dave Prew, Kris Berner, Tom Black, Nancy Smith, Steve Minnich, Sandy Kear, Susan Casler. Visitors: 2. Agenda/announcements: Discussed Charter/bylaws. At this time will abide by NYSOTFA until such occasion arises that we feel compelled to develop our own. Next meeting: November 19, James Burke Inn, 200 S. William St., Johnstown, NY. 7 PM. This will be our winter home. Shoe Leather Express: Group agreeable to have Sue reach out to see if there would ever be interest in our playing for one of their dances. Summer: Sue applying for a 3-day fiddle workshop grant in July. Remains to be seen whether it will be funded. 7/24-26 NYSOTFA annual gathering in Osceola. Introduced idea that chapter could perform. Old Songs 6/26-28,2020. 2 new members joined tonight: Nancy Smith as single applicant, Sandy Kear as family applicant. Both are novice fiddlers and Sue has reached out to Chad Miller and Jackie Hobbs for feedback on how to best serve their needs. Tunes played: Elk River Blues, Planxty Irwin, Red Haired Boy, Westphalia Waltz, Silver and Gold Two Step, Arkansas Traveler, Kesh Jig, Muckin’ O’Geordie’s Byre Jig, Flowers of Edinburg, St. Anne’s Reel, Boil Them Cabbage Down, Arran Boat Song, Piano Template, (My Robe is New) Shaker duet, Liberty, Angeline the Baker, Country Waltz, Bonaparte’s Retreat, Bill Cheatham, Yellow Rose of Texas, Ashokan Farewell, Faded Love, In the Pines, Shortenin’ Bread, Ripsaw, Happy Trails. Thanks to everyone who came. This is an encouraging start to develop a fiddling presence in Montgomery County.

  • NOVEMBER: Mohawk Valley Fiddlers, Minutes 11-19-19. Met at James Burk’s Inn, Johnstown. 6:30 PM Sue Casler guided a beginner’s call and respond on Red River Valley. 7 PM meeting began. Announcements: December 17th will be a Christmas Holiday party. People signed up to bring cookies, cider and eggnog. Encouraged people to be prepared with some holiday favorites they wish to play. Suggested to those who need ideas to consider buying Mel Bay’s A Fiddling Christmas by Craig Duncan. Present: Susan Casler, Sandy Kear and spouse, Linda Sheldon, Dave Prew, Tom and Judy Black, Kris Berner, Dick Solberg, Daryl Kosinski, Ron Burch, Olof Janssen, Patty Campbell, Abby Norton-Levering, Bernadette Weaver. New Members: Abby Norton-Levering. Tunes played: Bright Mohawk Valley aka Red River Valley, Coleraine, West Fork Gals, Away in a Manger, Ripsaw, Faded Love, Angeline the Baker, Red Haired Boy, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Kesh Jig, Feed Her Candy and Tell Her Lies, Liberty, Spider Island Jig, Turkey in the Straw, Arkansas Traveler, Silver and Gold Two Step, Muckin’ O’Geordie’s Byre, Tennessee Waltz, God Bless the Child, Great is thy Faithfulness, West Leyden Waltz, Happy Trails. Good energy was present and it was hard to get people on the road. Dick Solberg issued a challenge to bring in unusual fiddles to the meeting next month. A Hardanger, tin fiddle and Stroh violin have all been promised. Hmmmm.

North Country Fiddlers

  • None

Black River Valley Fiddlers Association

  • JANUARY: The January meeting was called to order at 2PM by Pres. Carolie with 10 members present. Yolande had no new members to report. The December mins. Were read and accepted in a motion from Yolande and Sharon ( or Sharon and Yolande—both spoke at the same time). Sharons’ treasury report was reviewed and accepted by Tammy and Bev.Sound equip. from Bill is all is well. Sunshine report was for a sympathy card sent to Ron and Rose Stephenson. Nancy sent word as she was ill and couldn’t attend. All wish her well. Pres. Caroline had nothing to report on state matters; but noted she had sent a thank you card to Betty Farr for a van donation. She also sent one to Grandview Apartments for a donation in Lee Babcock’s memory.She also noted that the Christmas party was a great success and all enjoyed themselves.March 31 event will be for Augsbury food bank at the Eagles Club and all are asked to bring a non-perishable food item.The van is repaired-door controls had to be done. Up coming nominations for the HOF were discussed. The news letter was discussed and anyone still not receiving same please contact Yolande so she can try to getthings straightened out.The meeting was closed at 2:35 in a motion from Alice and Hands-up Jean.Respectfully,Theresa Rocker, sec

  • FEBRUARY: The Feb. meeting was called to order at 2pm by Pres. Caroline with 9 members present. Yolande noted one new member—Sandy Kriff.  The Jan. minutes were read and accepted by Bev. And Tammy. The treasurers report from Sharon was reviewed and and accepted by Yolande and Nancy. Bill reports all is well with the sound equipment.Sunshine comm. report from Nancy was for sympathy cards sent to Barbara Hoops Landen Family; Harvey Heape;  Caroline Camidge;  Leona Chereshnishe and family and the Nancy Wawrzgnian family. She also sent a thank you card to Betty Farr.  Pres.  Had no state report.. She read a thank you note from Elly Countryman for cards and calls sent her way. Bev also thanked all for the cards ,calls and support she received. Caroline notes all paperwork for HOF nomination has been turned in. The Spring Fling plaque was discussed and Sharon and Yolande will take care of this. If anyone has names for consideration, please contact them.Meeting was closed at 2:45 by Nancy and Sharon. Respectfullly submitted;Theresa Rocker, sec.

  • MARCH: The March meeting was called to order at 2:00 by Pres. Caroline with 9 members present. Yolande noted new members. The Feb. minutes were read and accepted by Nancy and Yolande. The treasurers report from Sharon was read and accepted by Bev. And Alice, both of whom were playing “hands up Jean”. Bill reports all is well with the sound.Nancy reported sending a thinking of you to Edna Ritz and a happy birthday to Bernadette Planty who turned 95. Pres, Caroline had no state report or correspondence to be read. She noted the May 19 date at the Elks club had been changed to Sept. 29. The picnic is set for July 20 at the Carthage Park.The meeting was closed at 2:25 by Sharon and Yolande.

  • APRIL: The April meeting was called to order at 2:00 by Pres, Caroline with 10 members present. Yolande noted that Ron and Genny Langdon are new members. The March minutes weren’t read as they were left at home by who else. The treasurers report from Sharon was reviewed and accepted by Yolande and Nancy.Nancy reports she sent a sympathy card to Jerry Flitcroft and a thinking of you to Bob Phillips.Pres Caroline noted no state report or correspondence. She notes her calendar is full with just one date to be confirmed. The Christmas party is set for Dec. 8 at Copenhagen. August 7 is set for Oswego Co, Fair from 3 until 5. Dec. 1 will be at the Eagles Club. October 27  will be the Halloween party at Copenhagen.Pres. Caroline noted Bill had to purchase a power board for the sound. If anyone would like to donate for this, please feel free to contact or send donations to her. She expresses her thanks in advance. The plaque for the Fall Fling is all set.The meeting was closed at 2:35 by Sharon and Tammy.

  • MAY: The May meeting was called to order by Pres. Caroline with 10 members present. The  March and April mins. Were read and accepted by Nancy and Alice. The treasurers report from Sharon was reviewed and accepted in a motion from Beverly and Tammy.Sound equip. report from Bill is all is well. Sunshine report from Nancy was for a thinking of you card to Margaret Countryman. Sympathy cards were sent to Ruth Gyruko and to Elly Countryman and the family of Margaret Countryman. One also sent to Theresa Rocker and family and the family of Margaret.It was noted that a mistake was made in the news letter concerning a birthday celebration for Jim Brown at Osceola. It was a nice party put on by his family NOT by the BRVFA club.The raffle tickets for the Fall Fling have been ordered. The prize will remain the same as last year. Pres. Caroline thanked all for raffle items donated for the Spring Fling. She also noted a donation was sent to the St. Lawrence Hospice in memory of Margaret Countryman.The meeting was closed at 2:25 in a motion from Sharon and Caroline.Respectfully submitted;Theresa Rocker, sec. PS  A special thank you to Yolande and Nancy for covering for me at the meeting.

  • June: The June meeting was called to order at 2:05 by Pres. Caroline with 10 members present. Yolande notes no new members.  The May mins. were  read and accepted in a motion from Sharon and Yolande. The treasurers report from Sharon was reviewed and accepted by Alice and Tammy.Bill reported all is ok with the sound equipment. There was no sunshine report from Nancy as she was unable to attend. She is currently in Carthage Rehab/Center due to to complications from a broken ankle. We all wish her speedy recovery. There was no state report from Pres. Caroline. She noted she hopes to have the raffle tickets in time to give them out at the picnic. It was also agreed that we will have raffles at all Eagles club events.REMINDER for the picnic. All are asked to contact Pres. Caroline to sign up. The cost will be $3.00 per person. Please remember to bring a dish to pass and your own table ware.The meeting was closed at 2:35 in a motion from Bev and Hand-up-Jean. All in agreement.Respectfully submitted,Theresa Rocker, sec.

  • July: None

  • August: The meeting was called to order at 2:10 by Pres. Caroline with 6 members present. Yolande noted one new member—Joseph  Lelgbienda.  The July mins were read and accepted by Yolande and Hands-up Jean. As Sharon was unable to attend today, she sent the Treasurers report with Yolande. This was reviewed and accepted by Tammy and Alice. Bill reports all is well with the sound equip. Pres. Caroline noted no state report. The Christmas Party menu was discussed and agreed to; she will send this on. The party was also discussed and the sign-up costs will be $6.00 per member and $12.00m for guests. She also noted a thank you card sent to family of Pat Wilder for a donation to the BRVFA. With Nancy still being unable to drive the van, Pres. Caroline is looking for options to solve this problem or for drivers. Pres. Caroline closed the meeting in a motion from Bev. and Pres. Caroline seconded.  All agreed. Respectfully submitted, Theresa Rocker, sec

  • September: None

  • October: The October meeting was called to order at 2:05 by Pres Caroline with 10 members present. As there was  no September meeting, the August minutes were read. They  were accepted by Tammy and Bev.  The treasurers report was reviewed by Sharon and this was accepted by Yolande and Nancy. The Fall Fling raffle winners were noted as follow: Michael Sutherland, Bev. Kiernan, Gerrie Dygert and Rachele Major. There was no report from Bill but all agreed sound is still very good.  Nancy reported form the Sunshine comm. that a sympathy card was sent to the family of Helen Highers and Donna Pate. She also sent a wishing a speedy recovery card to Pres. Caroline.  A thinking of you card was sent to Jim Brown and myself. A get well was sent to Edna Ritz and Hands-up Jean Monroe. Pres, Caroline read a notice from the state concerning the new regulations for HOF nominations. These were activily discussed ----. Correspondence read: a thank you from Nancy for all calls, visits and such while she was laid up. The Christmas party was discussed and Nancy will take names now. The meeting was adjourned by agreement of all in a motion from Sharon and Alice. Respectfully, Theresa Rocker, sec.

  • November: The November meeting was called to order at 2:00 by President Caroline. Yolande just made it coming thru the door at 2. Eleven members were present and we had no guests and Yolande notes no new members. The Oct. minutes were read and accepted by Yolande and Nancy. The Treasurers report from Sharon were reviewed and accepted by Alice and Bev. The sound report from Bill is all okay. Nancy had no cards sent to report. Pres, Caroline had no state info to share, nor any correspondence to note. She did note she is receiving requests for 2020 now. She is going to plan a benefit to cover some van expenses. Pres. Caroline notes its time to think ahead to the election of officers. Anyone wishing to run or nominate any one, please contact her. Meeting was closed at 2:35 by Yolande and Nancy. All in agreement. Respectfully; Theresa Rocker, sec.

  • December: December minutes - The meeting was called to order at 2:00 by Pres, Caroline with 9 members present. It was noted Yolande was here on time and she had no new members to report. The Nov. minutes were read and accepted by Yolande and Nancy. Sharon reviewed the treasurers report which was accepted by Hands-up-Jean and Bev. Bill noted all is well with the sound equipment. Nancy reported the following cards sent: sympathy cards to Ken Hodkinson; the family of Carlton Shettleton; to Bev Ackley and to Alice Gill.  Get well cards were sent to Ken Hodkinson and Charlotte Hale. Pres. Caroline had no state report. She noted and all agreed the Christmas Party was very successful and everyone enjoyed themselves. The new HOF rules were discussed and a reply will be sent. The election of officers was discussed. The were no replacements suggested so all agreed to have one vote cast to keep the same officers.  Pres. Caroline she is working on 2020. The meeting was closed at 2:40 by Sharon and Alice. All agreed. Respectfully; Theresa Rocker, sec.

Central Chapter Fiddlers

  • JANUARY: January 18, 2019 Meeting was opened at 7 pm by President Dave Loveland with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Twenty-six attended in spite of the snow storm, which included 14 musicians.  Next meeting will be February 15th. It was noted that the minutes from the last meeting in November were not published in the Newsletter.  Terry explained that the Board is changing the format of the newsletter and will only be publishing highlights from the chapter minutes.  November minutes were read and approved.  Treasurers report was approved as read. Under Old Business, Dave noted that our Brick Garden brick for Virginia Whaley still needs to be ordered.  Also in March our annual dues will be due. Under New Business:  (1)  Chapter elections will be held in March.  Dave and Clara are hoping to resign their President and Treasurer positions and looking for nominations to fill those positions.  (2)  Upcoming events - We are set to play at the Relay for Life on Saturday, June 1 with time to be announced later.  Our Osceola summer concert will be August 25.  Sara Wilson is checking into possibly playing at Loretto assisted living.  (3)  Chad has changed his website to focus on Central Chapter, and has also been working on the new NYSOTFA website.  He would like photos if anyone has some. (4)  Chad and Sara have split the fiddle practices with Sara working with "beginners" and Chad with the more advanced players.  Chad has also put together a list of our most frequently played tunes and some he thinks we could add.  (5) Dave and Chad have been working on the chapter becoming its own 503C organization, we are currently under the NYSOTFA state organization.  Thanks to Chad for his work on this.  (6)  Correspondence was received regarding supporting the Camden St. Patrick's Day parade, Dave was planning to forward to the state, Terry advised that the Board did not support the parade last year so moved by Jessie and seconded by Ron to have the chapter send the donation to the parade.  Ideas were suggested for possibly having a float in the parade as well.  (7) NYSOTFA board nominations are also due, be thinking of anyone the chapter would like to nominate for the four officers and three at-large positions. Adjourned at 7:30 pm. Terry Bailey, Secretary

  • FEBRUARY: February 15, 2019 - Meeting was opened at 7:05 pm by President David Loveland, with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. 20 present, which included 10 musicians.  Next meeting will be March 15th.  Secretary's minutes for the January 18 meeting were approved as read.  Clara has agreed to remain in the Treasurer position, her report was also approvedas read.  Old Business:  Brick for Virginia Whaley will be ordered soon.  Membership dues are due now. New Business:  Payment and paperwork has been sent in for participating in the Camden Irish parade.  We will have a vehicle with banners on the sides.  Jackie has a battery-operated sound system we can use to play fiddle music CD's.  Dave will look into having the banners made, they can be re-used for other events as well.  Sympathy cards were circulated to be sent to Leona and Jackie, Clara will send a get-well card to Alice for her recovery from hip surgery. It was voted to submit the Chapter's nomination for all current NYSOTFA officers and board members to remain as currently held.  Chad has nothing new to report, he is almost ready to go "live" with the new state website, and all of the students are progressing well. David suggested two nominations to be considered for chapter officers, Chad for president and Sara Wilson for VP.  Elections will be held at next month's meeting. Sara W. has contacted Loretto but did not hear back from them yet. Terry reported on the Talent Show scheduled for April 5 at Camden Methodist church, volunteers are requested to perform, help set up, and donate baked goods. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm. Terry Bailey, Secretary

  • MARCH: None

  • APRIL: None

  • MAY: None

  • JUNE: News from Oswego Valley Fiddlers. The Oswego Valley Fiddlers met on June 4, 2019 at the Fulton Michaels Center for business and practice. A motion was made and carried to contribute $150 to help fund the airline ticket for Patti Kusturok, the headliner, at the Annual NYSOTFA picnic. Oswego will continue to meet on Tuesday evenings with a time change of 6:30 p.m. for regular practice. We will try something new! “Jamming for Fun”. On the days of our regular Tuesday evening practices we will also have a daytime jam session from 2-4 pm with each person contributing a $1 fee (to cover the cost of the facility use). This daytime jam will offer convenience for those who may not like to drive after dark, and it may attract other fiddlers from the area. Fiddlers from other chapters who would like to attend this daytime session are welcome. Share your expertise. Invite a friend. June 23 will be an exciting day for OVF. Our theme: A Tribute to Susan Barrington. Come view photo albums (years with Sue), learn to dance, chow down some lunch, jam at intercession. If you want a small memory, donations are accepted for a little “pig collection” and photo cards Susan had made. The money donated will be given to NYSOTFA. Cloggers will dance to 2 of our tunes. What a FUN day to spend with your friends. Re-connect if you haven’t been in a while. Don’t forget July 14! Inductee Mac Claflin, from OVF, will be performing at Osceola. Bring your instruments for the jam segment. OVF will also be performing at the annual picnic Saturday afternoon July 27 for 30 min. as well as other fiddle chapters, and again on Sunday morning July 28, OVF will lead with gospel music. On August 11, OVF will be playing at the Porch Festival at the Crunchy Banana in Fair Haven. Many in the community have music on their front porches that day as well. OVF Secretary Deborah Baldwin

  • JULY: News from Oswego Valley Fiddlers July 2019. On July 14, OVF enjoyed the Osceola concert by Inductee, Mac Claflin, accompanied by OVF guitarist, John Wall. For a senior to be able to entertain a crowd for an afternoon with music and good family fun jokes, that is quite the achievement! Comradery and friendship can occur as groups play together and support one another. Mac demonstrated his great knowledge through his improvisation utilizing double-stops, chords, various octaves, slight variations in expression of phrases in a song, and expressive rhythms to reflect what he felt, as he played on fiddle. For many, just learning to play a tune, or to learn to play with others is a task in itself. It was wonderful to listen and watch “what cannot always be caught or taught”…some just have a deeper grasp and we recognize them as ”unique and gifted”. Music plays a significant role for all. It is a way we are able to express, agree with in expression, to feel and reflect. We hope all reading this do spend time, whether a weekend or Sunday afternoon at Osceola each year. Whether performing in concert, jamming during intermission, attending a workshop, dancing, or just attending to enjoy others musicianship, it can be a relaxing time and a chance of meeting new folk or introducing your family or a friend to old time music. Future Events for Oswego Valley Fiddlers: Sunday August 11 Front Porch Festival, New Haven NY, at the old Crunchy Banana, 2:00-4:00 pm. Tuesday, August 27 NY State Fair (In the white gazebo behind the Agricultural Museum) 12:00, 2:00, and 4:00 pm (near the new Expo building) Thursday, August 29 NY State Fair (In the white gazebo behind the Agricultural Museum) 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00 pm.

  • AUGUST: Central Chapter meeting minutes for August 16, 2019. Meeting brought to order at 7 pm with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance by President David Loveland. There were 15 present, which included 7 fiddlers. Secretary’s minutes were approved as read. Treasurer’s report accepted as read. Next meeting will be September 20. Our chapter concert in the Camden Park that was rained out in June has been re-scheduled for Thursday, August 22. Chad is not able to be there, so Sara Wilson will be setting up the sound equipment and will emcee the show. We will also have a concert on August 25 at Osceola. Clara introduced a visitor, Doreen Trudell, who may be joining the chapter. Judy K. shared a message from Vickie that Oswego Valley chapter will begin their afternoon jams on the 1 st and 3 rd Tuesday from 2 – 4 pm. Participating in the Camden Homecoming parade in October was discussed, no decision made at this time. Meeting adjourned 7:18 pm. Terry Bailey, Secretary

  • SEPTEMBER: Central Chapter Minutes – September 20, 2019. Meeting was brought to order at 7:05 pm by President David Loveland with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Attending were 26 persons, which included 14 musicians. Our next meeting will be October 18 at the Grape and Grog in Camden.Secretary’s minutes from the August meeting were accepted as read. Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.Old business: The homecoming parade was brought up, the consensus being not to participate this time.New Business: Our next meeting will be our Christmas party at Grape and Grog. Cost will be$15.00 each, which may be paid at the door. Clara will begin taking reservations tonight, the final count is due by October 11. Clara will order pies.Thanks to Sara Wilson for her excellent job with the sound and as emcee at the concerts in Camden park and at Osceola.Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm, followed by a good jam session including some dancing! Terry Bailey, Secretary

  • OCTOBER: None

  • NOVEMBER: Central Chapter meeting minutes for November 15, 2019 Meeting was opened at 7:05 pm with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance by President, David Loveland. Secretary’s minutes from the September meeting were approved as read, as was the October Treasurer’s report. There were no minutes for October as that date was our Christmas party. We had reservations for 51 and attendance of 45, the Grape and Grog only charged us for three of the unused reservations. The meal and the company were great as always. Thanks to Terry for the door prizes. Old business: Changes in the Hall of Fame inductee nomination process were read and discussed, there were several questions, which Terry will take to the board, the consensus being that everyone would like to see this information printed in the newsletter in order to have time to absorb the information and dispel rumors. We sang a rousing and only slightly off-key rendition of Happy Birthday To You to Jesse Gotham. New Business: David announced the details of the Oswego Valley chapter’s Christmas party to be held on December 7th from 6:30 to 10 pm at the Fulton Municipal Building. All are welcome. We have been meeting in the Williamstown location for almost a year, we voted to remain at this location. It was suggested and passed that we give a $200 donation in return for their allowing us to use the building. David took our old Chapter wall ad sign to Jet Graphics in Boonville and a new one suitable for outdoor use has been made. It will be ready for use in the spring. We chose the date of August 23 for our 2020 Hall of Fame chapter concert. Meeting closed at 7:35 pm. Terry Bailey, Secretary

Fiddlin' Future

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Fiddlin's Fun

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Oswego Valley Fiddlers Association

  • JANUARY: None

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  • APRIL: None

  • MAY: None

  • JUNE: None

  • JULY: None

  • AUGUST: Newsletter from Oswego Valley Fiddlers. August has been a busy month for us. We played at the Sandy Creek County Fair and also at the Porch Festival at Fair Haven New York. Our next adventure is the New York State Fair on Tuesday, Aug. 27 and Thursday 29 th by the Agricultural Museum .We are taking a break from our afternoon jams the rest of August and we will resume in September on the first and third Tuesdays from 2-4pm at the Michaels Center in Fulton. If you are a new player, please contact Vickie Wheeler to make sure there is no conflict of time. Have fun fiddling! Deborah Baldwin, Secretary

  • SEPTEMBER: Oswego Valley Fiddlers Assn. Business Meeting Sept 3, 2019

President: Vickie Wheeler Vice President: Denise Wall

Secretary: Debbie Baldwin Treasurer: Ron Coleman

The Oswego Fiddlers met for business 6:45 pm at the Fulton Michaels Center.

Member Attendees: Steve and Debbie Baldwin, Tom and Judy Kishbaugh, Mac Claflin, Sharon Vincent, John and Denise Wall, Buzz Barrington, and Robert and Vickie Wheeler.

Report of recent New York State Fair Performance:

The Oswego Valley Fiddlers, (OVF), were well received by the New York State Fair at the Agricultural Museum. Nancy Weber, our contact, anticipates our chapter to come again next year. A note of thanks was sent to her for the use of the gazebo and tarp to shield the players from the sun. Nancy hopes to have more seating and tables, and a larger tarp next year. She was very pleased with the good response from Fairgoers that stopped to listen and interact. The crowd participated with playing spoons. With that goal (of positive interaction with the audience), our club has decided to purchase 5 more spoons and possibly some more kazoos. Vickie Wheeler will visit the Auburn music store for this purchase.

Others who contributed to the New York State Fair’s success were Keith and Judy Hunt. They will be playing at the Grange next year on September 1, 2020. OVF will possibly assist them as they did this year. The Kids Fiddle club was represented by brothers Caleb and Ethan. Jackie Hobbs represented NYSOTFA. It was mentioned that Jackie Hobbs, President of NYSOTFA, feels the money should be distributed 3 ways, supporting each group that provided support in music.

The New York State Fair was also a venue to give attention to NYSOTFA and the concerts at Osceola. Bob Wheeler, former Board member of NYSOFA, mentioned that the association is in need of financial support with the loss of Bon Ton fundraisers.

Present Business:

We welcomed two new members Ruth and Carol that are fiddle players.

Our afternoon jam today had 14 attendees which shows some growth.

Vickie asked that each member send her 3 tunes of Old Time Fiddle Music they believe we could play most successfully (for next year’s Osceola performance) by Sunday, September 8. As suggestions come in a set list can be put together and distributed to members (before our group dismisses for the winter season).

Financial Report:

Vickie Wheeler read the financial report from Treasurer, Ron Coleman reflecting dues, donations, and bills that have been paid. We are in good standing.

Oswego Valley Fiddlers Association Business Meeting September 3, 2019 page 2

New Business:

Sacketts Harbor Historical Porch Festival

We have had difficulty receiving communication about the Sacketts Harbor Historical Porch Festival on September 21. Vickie Wheeler will continue trying to contact and understand what would be available as a space to play and other details we should be aware of.

Gospel Jam

Vickie Wheeler inquired about the availability in October for a Gospel Jam at First Baptist Church where she attends. The plan would be a Friday or Saturday evening with the hopes that musicians from the church would want to sing and play with us. It was uncertain how many members would be available and it seemed an earlier date in the month would be better.

Future Business:

Next Years’ Osceola Performance

It was agreed by OVF members that next years’ Osceola presentation theme will be “A Touch of Novelty”. Members are encouraged to share tunes they like, and consider skits, as well as inclusion of Old Time Music.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

Deborah Baldwin,

OVF Secretary


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